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Working with creators and businesses to showcase

the best of what Japan has to offer!

For Creators

Since 2013, our goal has been to assist all of our creators to make fun and engaging content to show Japan in their own unique way. We work with many businesses throughout Japan and can set up collaborations and opportunities to cover events, places, shops, and more! We strive to create a great community, where all creators can get the assistance and support they need.

2Min Japan and Kemushichan

For Businesses

Yummy Japan offers a variety of influencer marketing promotional plans to meet your company needs. Our network of talented YouTube creators can assist in expanding your reach whether it’s goods, services, facilities, tourism or more. Our staff can handle communications in English, Japanese, and French to help you with your campaign.

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Here’s what we do

Inbound Promotion

Promotion of your company via our network of influencers and collaborators

Our Media

  • YouTube channel management
  • Our Yummy Japan Channel on YouTube
  • Our Blog website at http://www.yummyjapan.net
  • Our SNS Network

Rebranding Business

Working together with the Japanese government and local businesses to promote tourism and sales to Japan’s regional culture and industries.

  • Channel Management

  • New to the YouTube scene or want to expand your current audience? Yummy Japan provides several services to assist you with your goals, whether you are a fledgling YouTuber or a company that is looking to reach a wider audience.
  • Content Outreach

  • After publishing your videos on YouTube or other Social Media platforms, we can further spread your reach with country based promotion to ensure that you are reaching your target audience. This is particularly important in certain regions, such as China, where YouTube and a few popular Social Media platforms are unavailable.
  • Planning & Production

  • After a kick-off meeting, we can discuss the best approach for your campaign. We will provide a list of potential influencers that will best suit your needs, then follow up with plans for a shoot and work with our influencers to create the video.
    Finally, we will work with you to make sure all compliance is in order.

Production Workflow

Kickoff Meeting

Kick-Off Meeting

Understanding the needs of your Company

Let's get to know each other! We start out by having a discussing about your company's vision and what solution would be the best to help your campaign. Afterwards our team will send you a selection of Influencers that would best fit your needs.

Video Creation

From shooting to editing...

Once the video idea is validated, the influencer will make the video, edit it before uploading it on his channel as a preview for you to review.

Social Media

Video Share

Reaching out to the Influencer's Audience

The video is made public on the influencer's channel and shared on his SNS, helping gain more interest in your service. We also reach out to other medias to help grow the reach of the video, meaning the video can be published on blogs, articles, etc...

From Kick-Off Meeting to Video Launch:

1 Month!