A Tasty Adventure Through Japanese Food!

Welcome to Yummy Japan!


We are passionate about Japanese Food and our goal is to share the best of Japanese cuisine to the world! We also bring the charm of Japan to the world, working with influencers to help produce entertaining videos on various social media platforms. If you are a YouTuber, thinking about starting a channel, or a business looking to enter the market, let us assist you in reaching your goals!


About Us



We work with many talented creators and assist them with sharing their unique view of Japan to the world. Whether they are living in Japan or in other parts of the world, each creators has a unique point of view about Japan and its culture.


As an MCN, we also assist our creators with advice on how to grow their channel, management, YouTube best practices, and more, to expand their reach across the globe. We are always interested in meeting new people and talent so if you are interested in joining in our network, don’t hesitate to contact us!